Board Assessment

Independent advice and outsourced services for companies, investment banks, brokers, asset managers and law firms.  


Making life simpler

Our aim is to help you to focus on what you do best.  We are experts in our chosen fields. Our advice is always as clear and as simple as possible; independent and appropriate to your business. We strive to be fair in our business conduct at all times.  

“Unless those outside directors are informed, they’re not going to be able to do a good job”  

- Professor Wayne Guay, Wharton Business School

Meeting the needs of the Corporate Governance Code

Our service covers all the essential elements of assessment to comply with the UK Corporate Governance Code’s guidelines on the operation of an effective board.

Our standard service covers the composition, process, effectiveness, competence and performance of; the board, the Chairman, and the various committees. It also includes a detailed self-evaluation for all directors.

Meeting the needs of listed investment trusts

Our bespoke service allows for full flexibility to meet the meet the needs of any UK listed investment trust regardless of structure or domicile.

Board assessment for investment trusts

We provide a complete solution for board assessment for investment trusts to ensure compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code. We offer a combination of on-line surveys and face-to-face interviews to deliver an efficient, low cost and high value-added service.