Corporate Governance

We provide advisory services on a range of corporate governance issues for UK listed companies, financial institutions and investment trusts   

Outsourced Administration

We provide outsourced client account management administration and staff appraisal services which are adaptable to any size investment bank or broker  

Relationship Management

We provide a fully independent client relationship assessment and performance evaluation service for a range of advisors and their corporate clients

Expert Witness

We provide an expert witness service for litigation involving various aspects of the equity and debt markets including the valuation of complex assets

Making life simpler

Scott Evans Associates provides independent advice and outsourced services to companies, investment banks, asset managers, PR and law firms.

Board Assessment

We offer a fully bespoke board assessment service to suit the requirements of all UK listed investment trusts

Manager assessment for investment trusts

Manager Evaluation

We offer an investment manager evaluation service to enable trust directors to assess the performance of the investment team

We provide a specialist service dedicated to corporate governance for investment trusts

Investment Trusts & Corporate Governance

Corporate GovernanceOutsourced AdministrationRelationship ManagementExpert WitnessBoard assessment for investment trusts

Our dedicated investment trust business provides a highly efficient and low cost service designed to help the boards of investment trusts comply with the UK Corporate Governance Code. This includes independent assessment of the board and evaluation of the investment management team  

“Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated

-  Confucius

Investment Trusts