Investment Manager Assessment

Independent advice and outsourced services for companies, investment banks, brokers, asset managers and law firms.  


Making life simpler

Our aim is to help you to focus on what you do best.  We are experts in our chosen fields. Our advice is always as clear and as simple as possible; independent and appropriate to your business. We strive to be fair in our business conduct at all times.  

“It amazes me how people are often more willing to act based on little or no data than to use data that is a challenge to assemble”

- Professor Robert Shiller

Meeting industry standards

Our service covers all the elements of assessment to comply with the Association of Investment Companies guidance on manager evaluation.

Our standard service is based on an on-line questionnaire covering; investment policy and performance, risk management, use and level of gearing, level of manager fees, relationship with shareholders, and the interaction with the board.

Flexible to meet the needs of all management structures

Our bespoke service allows for full flexibility to meet the meet the needs of any UK listed investment trust and investment management structure.

Manager assessment for investment trusts

As part of the corporate governance process for investment trusts it is recommended that the board should regularly review both the performance of, and contractual arrangements with, the manager. We provide a straight forward, but highly effective system for investment manager evaluation.